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Bitcoin. Trade the best liquid assets.

Ethereum. Stable exchange-traded profits.

Litecoin. The power of crypto currency trading traditions.


Cryptotrading is a sign of total dominance in the trading business and an important factor in the safe management of crypto exchange assets.


Manage all trading processes, make exchange deals with error-free accuracy, and generate secure returns under all circumstances.


Stability of business based on dominance in trading processes of operations with cryptocurrency assets, which steadily show growth of liquidity.

The energy of margin trading and technologies of cryptocurrency management Company benefits
Core of business

Findax Services

The stability of obtaining investors a high profit is ensured by the using of margin non-stop trading technologies and and applying the tactics of deferred trading warrants at the exchange transactions.

At the concluding deals with cryptocurrency assets, are used non-stop trading technologies to maximize the total profit received.

Start-ups shares

Have been chosen non-standard financial instruments, the application of which allows to optimize margin trade in all directions.

Companies shares

I have detailed below the most cost effective forms of internet marketing to advertising your business using your company website.

Stock deals

The core of the company’s team of traders forms large-scale investment pools and then optimizes them for the tactics of deferred trading warrants.

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There is a video about business and services of Findax Capital, which, in our opinion, is useful to view everyone who intends to cooperate with us. Visualizing Findax’s ideas, values and plans for the future.
About company

Success and Diligence

Important components of the path on which Findax Capital was formed as the world leader of margin trading and the most important factors that made the company the best option for placing investments.

  • Best idea for margin trading
  • The core of the company’s team that successfully and steadily generates profit for all
  • Secure investments, regardless of circumstances and market conditions
  • Legitimacy and validity of all business activities of the company
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Findax company

New opportunities

When you choose the best operator of independent financial management of investment funds, you get incredibly profitable opportunities, that can make your future secure forever.

When you get the opportunity to invest in a full secure environment, it’s an opportunity you can’t miss.


When you get the opportunity to increase your money multiple times over the foreseeable investment timeframe, it’s an opportunity you can’t miss.


When your money is protected by unique technologies for performing error-free margin trading, you have to use this opportunity.


All our scientific, staff and trading potential is aimed at generating high profit in non-stop mode. Use this opportunity!


We’re create the future

The development of any company is an indicator of the stability of its business and positions among similar services. We know that the future depends only on us and only our work and diligence will make it successful. More infos
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Latest news

The necessary, objective and up-to-date information about how our business is developing, how our relations are developing and what new we have developed one for our investors in the light of the improvement of the investment environment.
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