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Acquaintance, which will be the beginning of a great common path

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The head distinctive features of the company’s formation and the importance of priorities in the formation of the main business. How was born the Findax Capital and why leadership and success are our most important advantages.

The emergence of the Findax Capital concept

All our steps, all our business are in one way or another subordinate to this concept and it is the guarantor of stability and prosperity of the company and those tied with it.

In order to understand how this works, first it is necessary to understand how we created the company, what was an inspiring force and how the complex of values of the company was formed, which became the basis of business and cooperation with clients.

At first, for the first time, there was an idea to create a team of specialists who can work quickly, efficiently and productively in trading markets of any direction and who can generate profits on a permanent basis. In order to achieve this goal, a business core was created, consisting of the best programmers and analysts and from this moment on the history of Findax Capital began, whose path was always full of significant business victories.

Then, the first test works of our business scheme were carried out, the task of which was to make profit using non-stop trading. Such a scheme of work was a new direction and Findax Capital carefully and thoughtful introduced this technology. However, the very first results showed that the business built on non-stop trading is the inspiring force that allowed us to become a powerful team of traders, confidently and steadily generating a pro day by day.

Furthermore our position in the trading business continued to be strengthened thanks to improved schemes of analysis of trading priorities. In other words, we have always streaved maximum business activity. We never wait for any event on the stock exchange. We operate in all circumstances, using total control tactics for all significant events at the stock exchanges and constantly either buy or sell stock exchange assets without stopping day or night.

Robust business strategy

When the business of Findax Capital reached a qualitatively new level thanks to new achievements in the predictive analysis, as well as thanks to the large-scale expansion of the company’s interests in all directions, we formed the complex of values that defined our entire further business strategy.

The streaving to constantly develop, leadership in all areas of trading and the success of each exchange deal are the main values that have shaped the image of Findax Capital.

Now armed with the right technologies and provided with the right business strategies, we can earn even more by constantly increasing the capital turnover of the company and applying the tactics of deferred trading warrants at the exchange transactions. Cooperation with a trading company has never been so profitable.

Today the Findax Capital is a powerful, successful and prosperous trading company that can make money not only for itself, but also for those who see no alternative for business, except to provide money to professionals in order to perform successful financial management.

We create conditions for better and more productive cooperation than most firms performing similar services because Findax Capital is a concept of successful business built on proven knowledge and technology.

Thus, we get the stability of all business directions of the company and the full reliability of all systems managing investments. In addition, Findax Capital always remains a firm that values mutual trust and seeks full mutual understanding with all investors, partners and clients.

When technologies makes more money and keeps business positions

If we want to increase profit, we do it in two ways at once. First, we are trying to increase the efficiency of the company’s business activity by applying even better methods of the non-stop trading performing.

Secondly, we increase the capital turnover of the company both at the expense of our own resources and by involving into the investment process money from third-party investors. Findax Capital is convinced that only by using both methods can the company achieve stable and very high profitability, which will make our business even more attractive and reliable.

For any partner of our company there is nothing more important than to understand that our business is safe and reliable. And there is no doubt about it, because Findax Capital is always efficiency, always team spirit, always the most modern technologies.

When the client comes to us, we give him the best opportunities for making the greatest profit, provided by the best technologies for the margin trading performing. We control every deal and can regulate financial flows in the directions we need.

The whole set of these improvements gives incredible results when each dollar works effectively and grows regardless of prevailing stock exchange trends.

This is how works the unique and productive concept of Findax Capital, created by the best financial minds of the Green Continent, and has become the flagship of financial management technologies and generation of passive income online for all who seek to maximize profit with safe investing.

Legal information

All company paperwork

Clients trust and mutual respect imply the openness of the company in all business aspects, legal structure, in ways of obtaining high and safe profit online and in financial management.

  • Certificate Number: Australian Company number 636 044 936
  • Company address: 309 Kent street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000
  • Date of incorporation: 9th September, 2019
Findax Capital conception

The system of profit receiving

Applying correct and proven methods of margin trading when trading is performed both day and night. Doing the most efforts to make operating money work in non-stop trading mode.
Accounts’ pumping up

For the operation of investments to be as effective as possible, the trading accounts of the company must always be either more with working capital as much as possible.

Stock exchange analytics

We do not monitor all stock exchange trends without exception. At any point in time, it is important to know the current direction of the indices of the interest to us orders.

Order opening

Whenever the non-stop trading system makes the required parameters, the delayed order is automatically opened and awaits implementation.

Profit obtaining

Well designed system of profit obtaining from non-stop trading starts to work and give profit on its own at once the process has been activated.

Guarantees and values

Harmony of responsibility

For each new stride towards business development and mutual cooperation to be successful and fruitful, it is essential to strike a balance between seeking more money and protecting the interests of clients.


It is very important that each investor of our company constantly feels protected and has the opportunity to create investments without the risk of losing money. We are constantly working to ensure that every step of our business is as proven as possible and guarantees the safety of investments in any case.

The existence of such an approach was made possible by the use of high technologies of financial management, the latest achievements in the field of exchange monitoring and the application of software developments aimed at complete stabilization of trading processes initiated by the company.

If we make a deal on the stock exchange, it means that will be completely safe. If we use investor money, or our own money, in the investment process, it means that this money is guaranteed to bring profit and steadily increase the well-being of all interested parties.

In this way, every client of the company can be sure that any of his investments are securely protected by usage of perfect trading methods.

This means that we are confident in what we are doing and anyone who will cooperate with us has nothing to worry about.

Our confidence is based, as was noted above, on the use of high-tech trading. But besides, the guarantee of success of trading transactions has always been connected with our team.

Our team is a special team of specialists united by a single goal of the maximum profit making online at the using non-stop trading on the basis of deferred trading warrants.

The team consists of specialists of a variety of orientation. Among the many specialists whose hard work is always focused on achieving a common positive result, the team also has analysts, online traders, programmers, logistics.

There are also people in the staff whose skills in no way can be directly related to the company’s business, but who are nonetheless just as useful and productive in our team.

In addition to people who create profits, there are specialists who work to organize the whole process, who performs the general management and control over each exchange transaction. In this way, a multi-level system of business control of the company is achieved, excluding any possibility of loss of invested money.

Each stride, each action is always timed, is always under multilevel control and cannot damage the investment process as a whole or each investor of the company as a whole.

On such principles is built the whole business of the company and this is another factor that guarantees each client success in the process of cooperation with us. If you want to earn a lot and safely, if you seek to cooperate only with those who can guarantee you success, then you have come to the right place!

Because Findax Capital is the company whose efforts to ensure the best investment conditions prove the viability of our business and our streaving to provide our clients with the most profitable, safe and guaranteed profitable terms of cooperation.


The streaving to constantly develop, leadership in all areas of trading and the success of each exchange deal are the main values that have shaped the image of Findax Capital.

What makes the company successful? First of all is relevance around the partners. If the number of clients of such a company is constantly growing, then it is a successful company, and what youdoing is a demanded business and a profitable financial enterprise.

But for our business to be in demand and advantageous, it must be profitable. Thus, we conclude that one of the company’s greatest values is the success of each exchange deal.

If there’s success, there’s profit. It’s very simple.

But it’s only at first glance. In fact, in order for each deal to be successful, it is necessary to work very hard and hard, constantly controlling trading processes and monitoring key parameters of the transaction.

Such work is under the power of only the most powerful and well-organized enterprises, which certainly include Findax Capital.

We continuously and correctly generate profits, and the daily turnover capital of the company reaches several million dollars.

It is a lot of money and it is a huge responsibility behind our investors, who have entrusted us with such enormous funds.

But we are sure of own competence and qualification and therefore we fulfill the obligations to clients always and anyway.

But the constant success of each exchange deal is impossible without the constant development of our trading methods.

Streaving to constantly develop, to be a leader in all areas of trading, that is another important value of the company.

We’re not standing still. Each of our employees constantly improves their skills, competence and outlook and strives to improve their performance day by day. The Findax Capital management by monetary motivates employees by encouraging this streaving.

We understand that without real professionalism and full control it is impossible to maintain leading positions in the world of stock trading and therefore we do everything possible not to give competitors even a single chance either now or in the future. This is also our value and our doctrine of development for the future.

The team spirit, based on mutual assistance and healthy competition within the collective, strengthens the position of the company as a whole and creates unprecedented favorable conditions for even more secure transactions, because the tier of specialists constantly increases and, as a result, the probability of even the smallest miscalculation tends to zero. And that means investors’ money is always safe.

We are always one stride ahead and can always make many more competitors to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results of their cooperation with us and have the opportunity to make stable profit online for many years.


Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

The business strategy and development of the company are interdependent aspects, without which is impossible to create a successful enterprise capable of generating guaranteed profit safely and for many years.

The beginning of the path

The idea of creating a new concept of an online trading by uniting knowledge, skills and modern technologies into a single and efficient business core.


First successes

Gradual implementation of non-stop trading technology using deferred trading warrants and completion of business activity test mode.


Growing of the achievements

Maximum growth of business performance due to successful applying of improved schemes of analysis of trading priorities.


Become the best

Constant growth of financial indicators, dominance at the market and creation of improved models predictive analysis of any stock events.


Affiliate Branches

For optimal and efficient provision of services, management plans to open at least 22 trader branches of the company around the world.


Myself Trade centers

In order to increase the efficiency of cooperation with clients, it’s planned to open learning centers "Myself Trade" in Australia, England and Germany.


Findax Charge Back service

To protect against the actions of illegal broker companies, will be created a Findax Charge Back Center, the goal of which is to refund money from the turnover of these companies.


The FDX trading platform

Creating a MT-5-based FDX trading platform with integrated artificial intelligence to automate trading for each investor.

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